More than 100,000 mobile phones assembled each month in Pakistan: PTA

The initiative of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) about local manufacturing has started bearing fruit as on average around 100,000 handsets are being assembled each month in Pakistan.

The authority, in order to encourage the development of local manufacturing of mobile handsets, introduced a regime enabling PTA type approval holder companies to set-up plants in Pakistan for manufacturing of mobile handsets.

This initiative was the first strategic step towards encouraging local manufacturing of mobile handsets in Pakistan and it has also created over 3,200 jobs in the market and enabled young professionals to have skill development in this specialized field.

According to PTA, after the introduction of this regime, over 16 companies obtained permissions for local assembly of mobile handsets and installed assembling plants that are fully operational.

PTA envisions to further enhance this regime to promote local manufacturing of high-end mobile handsets in the future.

Furthermore, the Authority also plans to engage with other government departments to offer incentives that will encourage foreign companies to invest in Pakistan to assemble and manufacture mobile handsets.