Here are 15 of the most beautiful waterfalls that you can visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with the most beautiful waterfalls and we bet you haven’t seen many of them. Waterfall is something that gives you a soothing feeling. Here we present you 15 of the most beautiful waterfalls which are in Pakistan and after watching them you would definitely want to visit and witness yourself!

1.Gulpur Waterfalls

These two interconnected waterfalls are located in the Kotli district of Azad Kashmir. You can view them both from a nearby hill.

2. Sajikot Waterfalls

The Sajikot Waterfalls are a sight to behold. You can observe some rainbows here as well.

3. Neela Sandh Waterfalls

If you are visiting either Rawalpindi or Islamabad, don’t forget check out the beautiful blue Neela Sandh waterfalls in Lehtarar.

4. Narar Waterfalls

Written as Narar but pronounced as ‘Narrh,’ this waterfall can be seen on your way to the Panjpeer rocks.

Image result for Narar Waterfalls

Image result for Narar Waterfalls

5. Kanhati Waterfall

Soon Valley is one of the most underrated valleys of Pakistan. It is particularly famous for the Kanhati waterfall.

Image result for Kanhati Waterfall

Source: Shah Saad Photography

6. Neel Wahn Waterfall

Located in the Kallar Kahar area, the Neel Wahn waterfall deserves to be witnessed.

Image result for Neel Wahn Waterfall

7. Kutton Waterfall

Neelum Valley’s hallmark and a nearby picnic spot for the residents of Muzaffarabad, the Kutton waterfall is freezing cold, even during hot summers.

Image result for Kutton Waterfall

Image result for Kutton Waterfall

8. Jarogo Waterfall

The Jarogo Waterfall is located 30 KMs away from Matta, Swat.

Image result for Jarogo Waterfall

9. Cham Waterfall

On your way towards the Chakothi sector of Azad Kashmir.

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10. Dhani Waterfall

Located between the iconic red mud mountains of Azad Kashmir.

11.Pir Ghayab Waterfall

The Pir Ghayab waterfall deserves a visit. It is located 70 KMs from Quetta city.

12.Moola Chuttok Waterfall

It’s situated 10 KM from Khuzdar city in Balochistan.

Image result for Moola Chotok Waterfall

13.Khamosh Waterfall

If you are planning to travel to the Baltistan region, do visit this.

Image result for Khamosh Waterfall

14.Manthoka Waterfall

Image result for Manthoka Waterfall

15.Farphu Waterfall

It lies in the Bagrote Valley of Gilgit Baltistan.