158 Members Of Religious Group Quarantined!

Amid this catastrophic global Corona virus outbreak, everyday starts with news of more patients quarantined, more people disregarding the recommended protocol for safety and more people turning this into a religious debate, as it usually goes in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In similar news, at least 158 members of a religious group were quarantined in two local mosques in Sialkot and Sambrial by the Sialkot district administration on Friday.

Deputy Commissioner Dr Nasir Mehmood Bashir said that special teams of Sialkot Health Department were conducting coronavirus tests of these people and the results were awaited.

How many more will it take for people to finally wrap their heads around the fact that this is real. This is happening and this could happen to any one of us. We r not only endangering our own but the lives of everyone we love and care about. Wake up and Stay HOME!