Acne myths you should not believe

Everyone have there own openings about acne, why it happens, how you can stop it and what you should not do or do .

But believe me when i say that non of the facts and myths you hear are true. Acne has so many causes and its take time to heal and to come of totally.

So applying different products or popping it or thinking of myths will only make it worse.

So here are some myths you should not believe:

Myth: You Can Prevent Pimples by Extracting Blackheads at Home:

First of all do not extract black heads at home if you don’t know the proper way of doing it. Extracting blackheads is harder than it looks. It can traumatize your skin and cause infection.

Myth: Washing Your Face More Prevents Breakouts:

This one is kinda true, over washing your face with chemical based product can only harm your skin. So instead of washing your face with face-wash every few hours is not ideal, instead only wash with water.

Myth: You Can “Shrink” Your Pores:

You cannot permanently change your pore size, you can minimize the appearance of them. If you have something that’s always plugging your pores, it can continually dilate them a little bit more, keeping them a little bit larger.

There’s so many companies out there or lasers that like to say they can shrink your pores, and that’s simply not true, its absolute myth.

Myth: Having Acne Means Your Skin is “Dirty”:

Having acne doesn’t mean your skin is dirty, on the inside or out. While there’s a tendency to think that acne is the result of not washing your face or sheets enough or eating too much oily food.

The truth really is that it has to do with hormones and genetics, when your hormones are raging as they usually are in your teenager years your skin produces more oil. So, naturally, you’re going to break out.