Adnan Shah Tipu has his say on the recent ban on Pakistani celebrities

Go play your game, we will play ours.

Earlier Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s latest Bollywood song was called for a revised ban on Pakistani artists in India. While many artists were quite about it, Pakistani drama actor Adnan Shah Tipu give his point of view on Facebook.

Talking about his experience while working across the border, Tipu said, “I have worked in India. People showed me a lot of love. But what does this ban mean? You don’t get our bread and butter. It is up to God.”

“Your ban doesn’t change two facts. Facts that no one should ever forget. First, your paternity. Second, your nationality. My father’s name is Ghazanfar Ali Shah. I’m from Faisalabad, Dhobi Ghat, Pakistan. That’s not going to change,” he added.

“I did a film in 2007. I wasn’t starving back then. Therefore, because of your ban, neither Fawad Khan nor Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will starve,” said the Dukhtar star.

Tipu went on to say, “Pakistan is my mother. If I say anything to your mother, you will feel offended. Likewise, if you say anything about my mother, will I be ecstatic about it?”

He concluded, “So, here’s what I have to say. Go play your game, we will play ours. You’ve banned us. Thank you very much.”

“Pakistan above all.”

The actor has worked in numerous Bollywood projects such as Himesh Reshammiya’s Kajraare and Arshad Warsi’s Welcome to Karachi.