Agency Communications in Turmoil During Corona-virus Pandemic!

As we all know, this pandemic that is plaguing our world has had many widespread impacts on life as we know it. Not only have thousands of people succumbed to this virus, many of us live on to experience the complete wrath of it.

Many companies have shut down operations, others are running on a work from home basis, but all of them have suffered a major loss. whether it be a loss of investment, or a loss of clientele, this virus has impacted everyone in a big way.

Ad agencies are losing longstanding clients because the market for ads has greatly declined. in this time of extreme panic and fear, anything that is not related to Corona Virus is deemed inappropriate or insensitive, and rightfully so. Who cares about the number one mattress company when thousands are dying all around them? Who cares about the best dish washing detergent when we are all confined to our homes because there is a big bad virus on the loose?

Many will see this as nothing but a loss. there are a few however, who are able to see the economic silver lining behind this pandemic.

“This is a good opportunity for agencies to get their house in order, ” says , which works with London agencies such as Adam&Eve/DDB, Droga5 London and AMV BBDO. Austin suggests agencies work on their Linkedin or Medium profiles or look at how to “maintain their culture” while working from home. There are also opportunities in thought leadership, virtual conferences and quick response work. “It feels like we’re more of a newsroom,” she adds.

Says another London PR executive with several clients in Asia: “I’m seeing that there’s a real want and a real need for stories of resilience, of hope, of solidarity, kindness, love, humanity and advice on how to create the new normal. So, I’m encouraging my clients living through ‘the peak’ to talk about how they are doing so, to share tips, advice and encouragement to those waiting for ‘the peak’ to come.”

Lott agrees: “As we know from any time of conflict or unease, people need creativity—music, art, literature, dance, song. What we make is a form of expression and that should be celebrated. Life does need to continue, as much as possible, as normal. Otherwise we face a time of real uncertainty in the future.”

The New York-based PR executive believes people will soon want reminders that life will go on: “Soon distractions will be more welcomed than they are questioned.”