Ashton Kutcher becomes the real life hero as he saves over 6,000 children from human trafficking

Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher who married to Mika Kunis and together they make a perfect power couple but lesser known facts about him are that he is a respected investor and entrepreneur. He has been a part of start up’s like Airbnb, spotify and Uber.

He is also a prominent figure who is actively working against human trafficking. Ashton Kutcher appeared on The Today Show to promote his Netflix series The Ranch in 2016 where the conversation soon turned about his organization Thorn: The defenders of children which he started with his ex wife Demi Moore in 2008.

According to the reports of Thorn in 2015, 75% of the children sex trafficking survivors were sold online “Basically , the purchase and commence for human trafficking is happening online just like everything else now and so we’re building digital tools to fight back against it,” Ashton explained. In one year alone Ashton and his company identified and recovered 6,000 trafficking victims as well as they managed to identify over 2,000 traffickers.