‘Azaan’ echoed across country seeking Allah’s mercy amid coronavirus pandemic!

Amidst the testing situation of coronavirus pandemic, which has caused widespread destruction globally as well as it has also affected Pakistan, Azan, the call for prayer, echoed across the country at 10 pm on Tuesday seeking Allah (SWT) for His mercy to protect them from coronavirus.

Maulana Bashir Farooqui had appealed the nation to recite the call for prayer at 10 pm from their rooftops and had also asked Moezzins (the man who calls Muslims to prayer) do the same from mosques.

Acting in accordance with Maulana Farooqui’s appeal to the nation, people including Muezzins of Pakistan recited Azaan from their rooftops and mosques that was heard across the country at 10 pm.

According to Maulana Farooqui, it is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who used to recite the Azaan at the time of troubles.

To get an instant relief from the suffering caused the by the coronavirus outbreak, Maulana Farooqui asked the nation follow Prophet (SAW) Sunnah.