Baqra-Eid madness everywhere.

Eid-ul-Azha is likely to be celebrated on Monday and kids are going crazy over their animals. Thousands of cattle markets are set in the various streets of Karachi. The vendors selling colourful flower garlands and sparkling accessories for goats and cows have made a crazier atmosphere.

This Eid is about cows, goats, dumbas, camels and after their sacrifice, it becomes all about mutton chops, kababs, BBQs and ofcourse biryani. However, for girls it is more about getting dressed up in pretty clothes, wearing bangles, applying henna and taking pictures.

No matter how much have we grown up, this Eid and the excitement of kids always reminisce our childhood days. We can’t forget the days when we used to get up early in the morning and dress up and wait for the slaughter of our animal. Also, the emotional attachment to our goats and cows is unforgettable.

This time, it is something special due to the Independence Day that is on the third day of Eid. In addition to it, the weather is pleasant and heavy rainfall is predicted this week. What can be more exciting when you have long holidays? So try to make plenty of memories with your friends and animals. Enjoy the meaty Eid with your loved ones!