Bollywood star kids thrash classmate

Two star kids (minors’ names withheld) – the son of an actor and the son of a choreographer – face probe by the police, nearly five months after they allegedly brutally assaulted a classmate.

This is the first case in which the complainant has gone directly to the juvenile court, after the cops sat on the case for weeks. The Bollywood brats and two of their friends allegedly bullied the 13-year-old victim after one of them – the actor’s son – had an argument with him in school. The four minors allegedly thrashed the boy right outside his home, and even threatened to come back with 50 more people to finish him off.

According to the police complaint filed by the victim’s father, a businessman, the incident took place in the first week of April. He told the cops that his son was playing with the actor’s son in school, when an argument broke out. The star child allegedly threatened the boy stating that he had friends who knew martial arts and could teach him a lesson.

On April 8, at 5.50 pm, the four suspects entered the victim’s society and called him downstairs. When he refused, they claimed they wanted to bury the hatchet. But when the boy came downstairs, they allegedly surrounded him and started abusing and assaulting him. The complainant stated that one of the boys was an expert in mixed martial arts, and the gang kicked and punched his son, and landed two hard blows on his ear as well. The complaint further states that they threatened to come back with 50 more people if he complained against them.

The nightmare ended only when an elderly woman intervened after she spotted the bullies during her evening walk in the society premises. But the victim had to suffer an even longer ordeal in his fight for justice. “On April 12, we went to the police station, but instead of making a diary entry, as is done for juvenile cases, the police filed a non-cognizable (NC) offence.

The cops have asked the four suspects to visit the police station with their parents to record their statements.

Actor-father of one of the juvenile suspects stated:

‘My son is innocent; he did not hit anybody. They were playing football when the alleged argument happened. In the CCTV footage, my son was standing aside, doing nothing. My son is very calm and against the violence’