Boy calls 911 to order pizza and the cops actually delivered

Some pizza places promise to deliver in 30 minutes or less but apparently that just wasn’t fast enough for a five-year-old Florida boy, who determined his need for cheese was an emergency and called 911 to place an order.

In 911 audio released to, Manny could be heard telling the dispatcher ‘I want you to bring me a pizza please’. After realising her brother had called 911, Madonna panicked and hung up.

His sister revealed:

Two seconds later I answered [the phone and it] was the sheriff’s department. I was like, ‘oh God, what did he do.’

Three officers followed up on the call, responsibly making sure ‘I want you to bring me a pizza please’ wasn’t code for ‘help’, but after confirming everything was fine they fulfilled Manny’s request and brought him a large pizza.

A photo of the hungry youngster and the three officers was shared to Sanford Police Department’s Facebook page, alongside a caption explaining the police took the opportunity to tell Many that no matter how much you might be craving pizza, 911 is not the number to call.

The post read:

Officers Morales, Mejia, and Hernandez responded to a home on Key Haven Dr., for a well-being check on a 911 call made by a juvenile.

While officers were on their way, dispatch informed them that the child told them he was hungry and wanted to order pizza.

The caption went on:

After arriving on scene, officers met the young boy and his older sister. She told officers they were fine and her brother had grabbed the phone without her knowledge.

Officers used it as an opportunity to teach about the proper use of 911, then went and bought a large box of pizza and personally delivered it.