Cadbury announces plans for a full-sized OREO Creme Egg!

Calling all fans of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and Oreos, we have some AMAZING news for you – full-size Oreo Creme Eggs are coming!

Sweet-toothed Brits got a taste for the Oreo Egg when Cadbury launched mini egg versions of it earlier this year.

Now the family favourite chocolate brand is officially launching full size editions of the Oreo Eggs, after soaring success last Easter.

Featuring the same creamy milk chocolate exterior, inside the egg is a sugary Oreo creme, accompanied by little shards of the iconic dark Oreo biscuit base.

The highly anticipated chocolate treat will be available in all major retailers nationwide at the start of the year, setting you back 58p, reports the Mirror.

Cadbury started selling white Creme Eggs last Easter as part of a nationwide Easter Egg hunt.

Only 350 to 400 of the limited edition eggs were available and were hidden in normal Creme Egg wrappers

Whoever found the eggs won up to £2,000, a move which saw shoppers unwrapping and then discarding Creme Eggs in stores in an attempt to find the white ones.