Carbonated drinks banned in all Islamabad schools

The Islamabad administration on Friday banned all type of fizzy drinks across the schools of the federal capital, ARY News reported.

According to a notification issued by the local administration, the ban on carbonated drinks will apply to all public and private schools and Madaris in the federal capital for a period of two months. The administration has also imposed section 144 in Islamabad.

The ban on drinks comes after a poll conducted on social media regarding a ban on fizzy drinks voted in favour of the ban. 91 per cent of people voted in favour of the ban.

Explaining the reason behind imposing a ban on cold drinks, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad said that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, such drinks are harmful for the children.

Last year, the Balochistan government had banned the sale and consumption of carbonated drinks in all educational institutions across the province.