Careem customer shares distressing tale of drivers’ ordeal for ‘credit’ reimbursement

Careem has become a frequently used ride-hailing service not only in Pakistan but in many parts of the world. The application has become a necessity especially for the employed ones besides students and the working class.

Recently, a Careem app user shared her personal experience that how the captains are facing severe financial issues due to the binding payment rules.

In a series of tweets, Mahnoor (customer) stated that, “An elderly man who was almost started crying when he found out my ride is on credit. It was his 5th ride on credit of the day” and it was because of the fact that the driver was not sure of when he will be getting the amount by the driving application.

Mahnoor had urged the social media users of paying the fare in cash form through her tweets. Let’s have a look at them:

She had also emphasized on the fact that one should take care of the Careem captains as they are not having any other perks and security other than the basic fare which they get after going through all those long rides.

She had also mentioned of a strike in the USA against the strict policy by Careem and wants to see such actions being taken in Pakistan also:

With a number of promos being offered to its customers, these ride-hailing services have made their own space into the industry.

The ride-hailing company has been making many changes for customers payment method since their arrival in Pakistan, however, both commuters and the firm should look into the alleged delay in reimbursement of the payment made through a credit facility.