Celebrating the real joy of food with Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati!

FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. There is nothing else that can lighten up one’s mood than a happy meal! Being a nation that loves to celebrate food for every moment in life, it has surpassed the thought of being a daily consumption. It’s not only an everyday need to one’s life but an expression, a creativity that sparks the artist within us!

Food is an art of its own, from its presence to its scent and taste, the entire canvas of that meal rotates around the feel of goodness, reliving that moment with all your heart and soul; thus making it a meaningful excuse for a million moments and memories to be cherished, being unforgettable.




Recently, we came across Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati’s recent TV campaign depicting the tagline “Khaana toh bahana hai”. The topic itself fits perfectly in one’s everyday life be it a celebration, apology or making someone happy. They have beautifully showcased that food itself has become an expression to life – stating what your heart desires at that moment with that special someone. There would be no doubt in stating that food has become a reason to take things forward!


Khaana toh bahana hai!


With yet another heartening launch, Kashmir as a ‘brand of generations’ has highlighted the real emotional flavours of food in life. Not only that, but it has stood its ground, carrying on the legacy of essential cooking, reflecting the true meaning of food – to create moments of joy and beautiful memories.



The TVC starring superstar Ali Zafar and everyone’s favourite Maya Ali grabbed the attention of every passer-by. Ali Zafar is seen to be the everyday husband, an amateur cook, trying to lighten up his ambitious wife Maya Ali’s mood and bring her back home with a meal she can’t simply resist. The TVC depicts and expresses the tagline “khaana toh bahana hai”, capturing the everyday life of a young couple and how food compliments every moment, bringing everyone together.

But this is not all that we came across, we came across multiple OOH executions that included billboards, streamers along with print and radio advertisements with stories of people using khaana as a bahana to ease their way through life… how quirky and cute! Moreover, the digital executions were seen equally active and engaging.



Breaking stereotypes, the most important part in the entire TVC is that it depicts a husband cooking rather than a wife who is known to belong in the kitchen and cook for the family. He is also seen researching as to what to cook in order to win his wife’s heart … so take notes dear husbands! One thing’s for sure, this isn’t something you see every day and this should surely be encouraged!



The campaign has surely become the talk of the town since its release on television and all other media platforms, definitely proving khaana to be the perfect bahana with Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati, thus making an outstanding come back on and off screen. Kashmir as a brand has been a integral part of our everyday life since 1962, a proud pioneer in providing the best products enhanced with micro-nutrients (Vitamin A & D), making it the perfect nutrition that you and your loved ones need. The portfolio houses three key variants: Banaspati, Premium Gold and Canola Oil.


We surely can’t wait to see what else the brand has in store for us!