China to provide walk through testing machines for coronavirus!

Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lt-Gen Muhammad Afzal said on Thursday that the Chinese government was dispatching a “walk through technology” to Pakistan for the screening of large number of suspected people of COVID-19.

“Walk through machine is very huge and it will arrive at Khunjerab Pass by next week,” said chairman NDMA.

The nationwide tally of COVID-19 patients surged 1201 cases with authorities are struggling to enhance their testing capacity to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

The NDMA chief also said that the “walk through technology” would enable the authorities to screen large number of people “where testing every individual is not possible”.

He added that the doctors working at different healthcare facility in the country will be provided with protective equipment box till April 5.

“5,0000 diagnostic kits will be arriving in Pakistan by Friday,” he said, adding, “These equipment will be distributed in all provinces as per their requirement.”

Chairman NDMA said all the areas will be disinfected in the country on priority basis from tomorrow such as high number of COVID-19 cases will be treated first.