Once You Choose Hope, Anything’s Possible!

Hold on, Pain ends

“Hope for the best” – Ever wondered why people say this? Well, because with hope anything is possible. Hope in its literal meaning means, a feeling of expectation and trust for a particular thing to happen.

Without any doubt or dubiety, life “is” a battle zone. It is unpredictable to an extent one can imagine and sometimes it is as hard as a solid rock. That difficult blow, the unexpected turn in life when things go out of hand and beyond our control. Our thoughts creeping up and building up over time, the time when you feel so low that you stop doing things you previously enjoyed. You stop being your original self!

But ever wondered what is above all this? What keeps us going? That’s HOPE! A hope that today is bad but tomorrow will be better. A Hope that keeps reminding you that sorrows and difficulties of today will end soon. Hope is that positive thought which keeps you fighting on and improving the chances of making a better tomorrow. And undeniably, many of us could not even live a peaceful life without having Hope deep inside our very heart.

How hope helps us?

A true hope is an unbreakable belief. It is a belief to help you accomplish what you never thought possible. Just ask yourself what you want? If you have a firm belief to have something good in future, then expect it to happen! When we stay positive about something and hope for it to happen; we will feel to fight for it, make our best efforts to win it, and to stay mentally strong towards it. Thus our probability to succeed automatically increases.

We, from the start of this world, are controlled by our subconscious mind. We tend to do things which are programmed in our mind. And there is only one thing that can change the way our mind works. That is HOPE. It is indeed a deep sense hidden in our subconscious mind that gives a positive approach towards life’s most difficult times and expecting to see them unfold in something beautiful. This is the reason why God puts rainbow in thunder clouds so that each of us in our terrible days can see a possibility of hope.

As now we understand what hope is, make your belief strong and stick to your dream as long as you breathe. Because nothing can let you down when you have hope and strong aspirations!

And remember, when world says “Give up”, Hope whispers “Try it one more time.”