Up-Close & Personal with Faysal Qureshi

“TO ME SUCCESS IS AN ON GOING JOURNEY THAT NEVER ENDS”Faysal Qureshi is a name that needs no introduction.  Our very own superstar has been ruling the television screens for quite some time. He’s played the good guy and the bad guy but without a doubt the audience has adored him both ways.

Faysal began his career as a child artist and appeared in the plays Emergency Ward and Andhera Ujala for PTV. He made his debut as a television actor in the 1992, he initially played trivial roles in television serials before landing his first lead role as “Boota” in Boota from Toba Tek Singh.

Presently he’s hosting a morning show Salam Zindagi on ARY Zindagi, whereas drama serial Bashar Momin has been one of his block buster hit on the television screen. He has also acted in a number of movies and is currently in the limelight for his out of the box performances.


Tell us about your success journey?

Success is an ongoing journey, I started at a very young age and reached this level due to great dedication, untiring efforts and obviously God’s will. My journey towards success has been full of bumpy rides therefore I cherish whatever I have been blessed with.

How do you spend your weekdays and weekends?

Most of my weekdays are spent racing between studio and home, I try to have at least one meal per day with my family and at times take out time to pick and drop my daughter from school. As far as my weekends are concerned I try and dedicate most of my time to my family and home, as to me nothing is more important than family.

You look very young and fit, how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

My daily routine and shoots do not leave me with a lot of time, but I make sure to exercise on regular basis and take a note of my diet. I mostly have a sugar free diet as I believe white sugar is extremely dangerous for the human body and mind.

Tell us about a hidden talent that you have?

Nothing in particular, though I do have an inclination towards writing.

Being a happily married man how do you handle women approaching you?

A: Well to be honest I say, thank you but you are late (smile)

You have played some intense characters and then on the contrary you have been seen in comic roles as well. What do you enjoy the most?

A: For me I am what I portray, I get completely engrossed into my character. To sum up every character that I’ve ever played is close to my heart.

Would you ever opt for Bollywood?

A: I don’t need Bollywood, our industry is growing tremendously and even though I have had several offers I prefer to rather work for my own country, I am a very patriotic person and want to see my nation progress.

Enlighten your fans about your bike collection? 

A: Every man has his own obsession and mine are my Harley Davidsons, my love of bikes began when I was with my best friend Aijaz in the U.S. I enjoy rides all the way to Kund-Malir with my friends who are also Harley enthusiasts. I have a Harley Davidson 803, this raw-boned beast is used in the city. However, for those long journeys I prefer to use the Harley Davidson Road-King which as you might have guessed by the name is in a class of its own.

Rapid Fire

Host or Actor



Kari chawal / Biryani



Travel destination

U.S.A / Europe /Dubai

Aijaz /JJ/ Fahad


Favorite Color

Black and white



Favorite designer

Wear anything I like



Formal/ casual


Movies/drama/morning show


Person you won’t mind being stuck on an island with

Prefer not to mention

Biggest fear

Height phobia

Biggest strength

My Family

Chocolate hero/villain/comedian

Action hero

“Every man has his own obsession and mine are my Harley Davidsons”