Your daily Self Care routine

Self-care has a simple definition: taking care of your physical and mental health. And it’s no longer just meditation and journaling; a lot of other everyday habits comprise the term these days. Like eating healthy, running, taking a nice long bath, spending time alone or seeing friends to re-energise the mind, working out or taking a rest day.

“The most difficult person to deal with in our lives is ourselves. It requires resilience – the ability to bounce back… and the way to build resilience is through committed self-care”.
—Malti Bhojwani, life coach

How to go about it…

Learn what nourishes you – and what doesn’t: Satisfaction doesn’t come from drifting through life fire-fighting emergencies and ticking off a ‘to-do’ list centred on other people’s needs.

Don’t say “yes” when you mean “no”: If you’re constantly running around after everyone else, you’re going to end up frazzled – and resentful.

Be kind to yourself: Most of us would never dream of speaking to our worst enemies the way we speak to ourselves. It’s no wonder we’re exhausted and find it hard to have any faith in our abilities. So, watch the tone of your self-talk.