A desi take on modern cuisine recipes: Pakistani food vlogger crosses million YouTube followers

A Pakistani food vlogger, Mubashir Siddique, recently crossed a million followers on his YouTube channel, Village Food Secrets.

Mubashir’s channel is not like any regular channel that posts about fancy cuisines with the almost same menu but varying prices. His channel offers alternates for everyday modern cuisine and an idea on how to attempt on making mouth-watering meals with limited resources. Apart from that, there are succulent traditional and continental recipes Siddique shares that the audience seems to love.

He also made a special video to thank his subscribers.

“The Village Food Secrets is now a million members strong,” Siddique says. “This all happened because of my parent’s prayers and your love. The respect you all have given me is huge and I thank all of you. This is for all of you and this channel belongs to you.”

Here are Siddique’s take on a few famous fast food items:


Now, who wouldn’t want to devour KFC style crispy chicken at home?



And there’s a lot more to explore on his YouTube channel.