Did Yasir Hussain just reveal his engagement with Iqra Aziz?

Recently Yasir Hussain has been in the lime limelight for his straight forward statements and blunt jokes. The other reason of Yasir being the talk of the town is his adorable couple with Iqra Aziz. The duo is quite vocal and open about their relationship. They have been spotted together several times and even celebrated their birthdays together. They were seen supporting each other regularly with Iqra Aziz also defending Yasir on every step in need. The Q and A Yasir did recently have sparked another controversy against him where he mocked Hania Aamir but he also went on to answer some questions regarding his and Iqra’s relationship.

Well his reply clearly states that they are officially a couple now, but do we actually hear wedding bells or is it just another one of his witty jokes! The couple does look extremely cute together and we wish them a happy life ahead.