Easiest Countries for Immigration

To visit another country or to start living in , it is not easy to get immigration. Many factors effect this process, from countries political condition to your financial status.

Not only it’s not that easy to accomplish. But most countries have pretty strict guidelines for admittance, they also charge a great deal for the privilege.

Financial implications of immigration definitely don’t stop at the government fees, either there is the cost of travel, moving your belongings, and getting established in a new home.

But here are some countries with easiest immigration processes:


With 10 different types of residence permits, apply for the one you can afford, you will likely qualify for at least one. Austria features incredible scenic beauty in the form of the snow-capped Alps, wild valleys, and sparkling blue ice caves.

Austria is a gateway for many of Europe’s capital cities.


One of the smallest countries in northern Europe. It features many quaint towns full of breathtaking architecture, stunning natural beauty. Home for famous chocolates.  Belgium is a very attractive choice.


Canada has a reputation as one of the friendliest countries in the world, and it shows in its immigration policy. Canada has recently opened its borders with compassion for refugees from war torn nations. Canada looks very closely at your professional qualifications before inviting you.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica has long been attracting due to its gorgeous beaches, world-class healthcare, and friendly population.


It features mountain peaks, volcanoes, beaches, and islands. The history comes alive there via old pastel colored colonial towns and even older Mayan ruins. All this can be enjoyed for a very low cost of living.


While officially an independent nation in Central America, Panama has a landscape reminiscent of Florida, a lot of English speakers, and the US dollar as its currency. The country also has a reputation for being safe and well developed.


Residency in Paraguay in easy to achieve, largely because the landlocked South American country is so obscure. Bordered by Argentina to the south and Brazil to the east. But nowadays, the fully independent country can be enjoyed for its friendly people, open scenic vistas, and low cost of living.