In an exclusive chit chat with “Kyra Chaudhry” Aesthetician, Model and a proprietor

More than a half of this industry comes to my clinic....

People (pakistan) had an Exclusive chit chat with Kyra Chaudhry Aesthetician, Model and a proprietor

A woman with a strong sixth sense, instinct who not only heals beauty but your mind too. She has left a strong impact on my personality. And there are some people who you see from a total different perspective but when you meet them in person they change your whole dimension of thinking about them. Kyra, is a very multi talented woman who is a single proud mother!

What is the reason behind your beauty?

” I have a chair and a big mirror in a corner area of my office  and that is where I do all the things ” Nobody is this honest these days man!

Since you’re an aesthetician by profession, do you work under the knife?

” No! All my work is based on lasers and injections which comes under latest techniques and I love my job!”

Which famous celebrities comes to your clinic to look even better?

” Well I can’t tell you that because treating my patients is a very sacred job and we (all the doctors) are not allowed to take any personal/professional information out about them, all I can tell you is that more than a half of this industry is here to get their job done, I think that is enough to tell you right? Lol ” I like her humor!

What is your working schedule?

“I take all my appointments after 3pm, not a morning persone although I pick and drop my daughter to her school no matter what”

Tell us about your family?

” My whole family is my daughter Ava, she is in her teens and raising a daughter alone is what keeps me grounded and I’m blessed with it. She has all my attention because I made her my best friend, We both share everything with each other. I have my house keeper Nasreen who is another member of my family because she has been with me since all my thick and thins”

sure she is a very strong woman and we love her!