An exclusive interview with Shahzad Qureshi

By: Adnan Faisal

A highly motivated and dedicated individual who started his career from the media industry and climbed the ladder of success in a very short span of time.

After being recognized and renowned in his respective field, he joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Imran Khan being his biggest inspiration led him to passionately follow his footsteps and work day and night with complete dedication to meet the goals of PTI and its leader.

His objective behind joining PTI was not politics but his focus was more towards doing something for the betterment of people suffering and building a better society. With time and dedication led one thing to another, being appointed as the representative of PTI in Karachi, he is now honored to contest elections from PS -111 to be held on the 21st of October 2018.  Persistent, determined, well dressed, confident a friend of friends always taking a step ahead for the goodwill of his fellow beings – “Shahzad Qureshi”

 Recently, Team People Magazine Pakistan conducted a small session with Shahzad Qureshi. An extract of which is given below and detailed interview will be published in our upcoming print issue of People Magazine.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

It will not be incorrect to state that I am very passionate about things but I would say that I learn and try to put my best in every task that I am supposed to undertake. At the same time, I am sure to remain dedicated to my work which requires me to stay focused and concentrating. I am never scared of learning something new and thus, always enthusiastic.

Tell us about your success journey?

I started my career as a sales trainee, and now I am leading 3 companies Alhamdullilah. You just have to be honest, dedicated and loyal to your work. Enjoy your work and success will follow your footsteps. I am a firm believer of the following quotation, “I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody — Bill Cosby”.

Tell us about your involvement with PTI?

I am working as an Information Secretary of Karachi Media Cell since 2011. I always wanted to support someone who was honest to Pakistan and I found Imran Khan as my role model.

How do you see Imran Khan as a leader playing a vital role towards the development of the country?

We have great examples and projects that have been led by Mr. Imran Khan. One of the most prominent achievements remain Shaukat Khanum. The kind of donation which is being received by the institution is exemplary. Cancer is a disease which can end anyone’s life and we need institutions where one can undertake effective treatment with minimal cost. Another example is in front of us in the shape of Namal University. It is astonishing that one person can actually come up with such workable projects. World Cup is another example of the leadership of Mr. Imran Khan. The constituency of KPK was given to PTI and you can see the performance that police stations and other governmental institutions have been developed to a larger extent.

What is your style of management?

The management style that I would like to adhere to remains transformational. It means that I want to ensure the growth of company and the team together. I don’t wish to boss around by becoming a leader. I want to inspire and show a rightful direction to my team.

With success comes hurdles, how do you handle difficulties coming your way?

I deal them with patience only, it’s the part of life but when you are honest and you know that you haven’t done anything wrong, no one can stop you from gaining success.

Tell us something  about Legend Developers?

I joined Legend Developers in 2016 which was a great move in my career because I had no experience about real estate. With time, I have understood the significance of real estate in the overall economic contribution in the country. With every day passing by, I am learning about various market trends when it comes to real estate. My experience and learning at Legend Developers is effective because I am being mentored by a strong team. They are not just allowing me to understand the dynamics of local market, but international as well.

How did you step into the world of Real Estate marketing?

It was not by mistake or accidental that I ended up in the real estate marketing business. My steps led into the industry after careful exposure to the basics. I am from a family which keeps a dire focus on changing and deflecting trends of real estate marketing. I had an interest in understanding the industry which I lacked initially, but now hold strong grounds in the shape of Legend Builders.

How would you define your contribution towards the real estate industry?

I have been able to devise a team of professionals for the industry. It is about time that the real estate industry should welcome young and enthusiastic professionals who can make their contribution in this field. For that matter, I hired bachelors and students with Master’s degree from reputable universities to modernize real estate. We allow our employees to participate in international Expos which is beneficial for their resumes. I am guiding them and allowing them to create channels for learning in the industry and give back in terms of profits.

How has your experience been with FM 107?

To be honest, it was a short period of time for me to learn at FM 107 but whatever I have been able to learn from there has been helpful and practical. For instance, I have learned so many things from 107, I would say I learned actual Sales and Management from that organization.

Any message you want to give to the masses?

Trust yourself which you can only gain by exploring yourself. I will advise and recommend everyone to cut down the reliance over others and take charge of your own life. I think we all are capable of undertaking anything in life. We can do everything if we really focus.

I would like to request all my fellows not to vote for me but for Imran Khan and his aim towards a new and better Pakistan. I believe Imran Khan is our only hope towards betterment if God forbid we are not able to take benefit of his leadership and direction, we will lose our last hope to a better living and brighter Pakistan.