Faiza Saleem’s wedding was rather less hyped than we thought

After Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Aiman Khan tied the knot in lavish ceremonies; local comedian Faiza Saleem’s wedding festivities took over recently. Faiza Saleem, who recently tied the knot, was seen dancing and having a lot of fun at her mehendi ceremony. Contrary to the quintessential nervous bride-t0-be, she entered the event dancing her heart out.

Faiza, who started Pakistan’s first all-girls comedy troupe, The Khawatoons, has been challenging stereotypes ingrained in our society. From body shaming to how girls are expected to behave in our society, Faiza has tackled it all through her stand-up comedy.

Faiza Saleem looked absolutely ravishing on her wedding day. She wore a grand dress in a light gold color designed by one of the leading designers in the country. Her wedding has been in the news also because of the fact that she refused to be the typical shy bride. She danced on her mehndi and was completely confident on her barat too.

After witnessing the recent celebrity wedding trend and the way their events lasted for weeks and weeks with million pictures all over our time line, Faiza’s wedding was rather subtle and less hyped. The only event that caught our attention was her Mehendi that too because of the white sneakers she chose to wear rather than stylish bridal footwear.

Let’s have a look at the pictures we got her our hands on:

Team People Magazine Pakistan wishes the newly weds a Happy Married Life !