By far the most controversial Bigg Boss contestants

As Salman Khan is set to return as the host of Bigg Boss 12, here is a list of some of the most controversial contestants to have appeared in the last eleven seasons of the show.

Zubair Khan

Zubair Khan is one of the many controversial contestants to have taken part in the show. In February 2018, Zubair was arrested on the charges of extortion as per reports.

Swami Om

Swami Om emerged as arguably the most controversial figure in the entire history of Bigg Boss. The Bigg Boss 10 contestant not only had verbal fights, he often had physical brawls during his stay too.

Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga had differences with almost every one inside the house. She was the first person to be voted out but only after she had managed to create enough controversies just within a week.

Dolly Bindra

Known for her aggressive attitude, Dolly was ‘the’ controversy during her stay in the house.

Kamaal R Khan

RK had an infamous fight with co-contestant Rohit Verma when he threw glass bottle at him but it hit Shamita Shetty instead. KRK was thrown out of the house as he flouted an important rule of the house – contestants must not get physical.

Imam Siddique

From stripping on television to hurling verbal abuses at one and all, Imam Siddique did all he could to remain the biggest controversy creator on the sixth season of Bigg Boss.

Rakhi Sawant

The controversy queen of showbiz was in her element inside the bigg boss house too.

Prince Narula

Perhaps the least violent of the lot, Prince got into an ugly fight with Rishabh Sinha as he was upset with the latter’s behaviour with Kishwar Merchant. The duo continued their fight till the end of Bigg Boss 9.