Fenty Redefines Beauty by Releasing Unretouched Campaign Images!

Women and men have had numerous issues to find the right shade for their foundation, or to see if their skin shade is even in the range of the brands products. However, the launch of Fenty Beauty caused a phenomenon in the beauty industry as Rihanna launched a brand that is all inclusive in an industry where inclusivity is lacking. She broke down barriers and social restraints to create products that would work on every man and woman.

Now that the style icon and queen @badgalriri has officially dabbled her hands into the fashion industry, there’s no stopping her. From launching a lingerie line that’s inclusive to all shapes and sizes to now releasing unretouched images for her new fashion campaign.


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Release 5-19. The Maison’s debut. With a visual homage to Kwame Brathwaite. FENTY.com. Live now.

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For years now individuals have been comparing themselves to societal standards, to have the perfect body and to just be flawless. However, once again RiRi was there to break the boundaries of beauty, and to show the world that beauty isn’t about having no imperfections. Instead, your imperfections make you who you are, and that individuality is beauty.

For her new Fenty fashion collection, Rihanna released unretouched images of model Aweng Mayen Chuol showing her facials scars while showcasing an earpiece. In the beauty industry, retouching your photographs is a norm so that you portray the best version of yourself. However through her campaign, Rihanna expressed and highlighted the message of being best version of yourself by being just the way you are and not allowing society to define your beauty.

Rihanna continues to challenge the fashion industry, breaks social norms that come in her way and creates a safer environment for her followers and fans to believe that they can also have imperfections, but still be beautiful.

Numerous fans have expressed their feelings towards this campaign and agree with the powerful message Riri has displayed.

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