Final year engineering student takes his own life in Faisalabad

Saifullah Jamali was a former final year student of chemical department at NFC institute of engineering and fertilizer research. According to the university officials Jamali committed suicide due to low CGPA on 4th October 2018. This news wasn’t given much attention by the mainstream media as there was more to the incident. Officials broke the news of Jamali on their Facebook page by writing “please don’t choose this act it’s antiIslam” whereas their concern should’ve been more on why this happened.

According to the students and friends of Jamali they explained it was not only bad grades but the administration bullied him. His cousin took over twitter and explained there was this one teacher who would always fail him in a course.

He shot himself in front of the university gate where he was found by a teacher who then called for help on 1122 who refused to provide help and the teacher was redirected to 15 (police helpline) which was never answered even after 4 calls. He left behind a suicide not asking her parents and the teachers for forgiveness and also requested the doctors not to save him if he is found.

Saifullah requested the authorities to not investigate his death but it definitely calls for full investigation. Today it was him tomorrow it can be anyone if Justice is not served.