Government launches official Twitter account to handle fake news!

Pakistan government has had a rocky relationship with Twitter over the years, with threats to ban the platform coming as recently as August. Now it seems Islamabad has gotten tired of all the fake news that’s being distributed on Twitter, and government officials have made a wise move to combat it.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting created the Twitter handle @FakeNews_Bustertoday to take care of all the fake news making going around on the micro-blogging platform. The account is so new that it doesn’t yet have the blue checkmark that verified accounts have, but multiple sources are reporting that it is indeed an official Pakistan government account.

The new account aimed at handling fake news has been quoting tweets containing false information and then adding a comment about the importance of spreading accurate information and discouraging fake news. The Twitter account has already tweeted a few times, with each post commenting point out fake news being similar:

The new Twitter account appeared after rumors about PTI lawmaker Maleeka Bokhari being appointed chair of the Benazir Income Support Programme began to circulate. Bokhari herself tweeted a denial that she was appointed to the position. She also made it clear that claims she was related to Zulfi Bokhari, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s aide, are also false. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry also denied the fake news headlines about Bokhari on Monday.

It was also being reported that PM Khan appointed Mehru Maneka, his stepdaughter, as an advisor on women’s empowerment. According to this rumor, she was supposedly to be paid Rs. 750,000 per month in that position. However, this is also fake news, and the new Twitter account from the Pakistan government made that clear as well.