This group did thanksgiving on train with random people, find out here!

A new culture has evolved, “Friendsgivings” are more popular than ever today, and they usually consist of a small group of friends gathered at someone’s home.

According to Insider, one group of social media influencers and content creators decided to have more public Friends giving this year, hosting a holiday feast on the New York City subway the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

A comedian named Lewis, whose stage name is Joe Show got the idea for the event in the summer.

The group also had to consider which train to host the feast on, as they wanted to pick a route that would be the least disruptive to commuters.

The group eventually decided on the L train, which has been under construction for months and only runs every 20 minutes on nights and weekends.

The team arranged for tables to be donated from a community center in New York City, and they bought decorations like flowers and lights from Michaels and Target.

Insider reported that the group also plans to integrate a food drive into next year’s Friendsgiving, as they realized how many hungry people they could help through the meal, particularly because of an interaction they had with a homeless person who stayed with the group for the entirety of the train ride.