Gucci Decor Store to launch in June!

Italian fashion house Gucci has opened doors to a temporary, two-story boutique in Milan. the pop-up shop – which opens on the occasion of Milan design week 2019 – houses the latest additions to the brand’s houseware collection including furniture, porcelain, dinnerware and blankets.

Gucci décor store will be open through june.

Meanwhile, Gucci has also created an augmented reality app where users can explore historic places across milan while different décor pieces are shown on screen as virtual oversized sculptures. locations include piazza del duomo and piazza affari, which are also outlined in an ‘underground style map’ available at the store. users can also try out different pieces using the app to virtually place the items in their own home.

The pieces have been curated into real-life scenarios that include multiple lounge areas, a salon and a dining room. in crafting the perfect backdrop, original architectural details have been enhanced including a marble fireplace, panelled doors, and a coffered ceiling.