Hailey Baldwin: Haters are trying to ruin my marriage!

Now that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are finally having a real wedding, their relationship seems to be locked into place.

But critics in particular think that this pair was doomed to failure.

In an interview, Hailey confesses that the haters get to her and how their nasty comments mess with her head.

“Look, marriage is always going to be hard” she says. Also, good relationships are the relationships that you put the work into. Sounds kind of exhausting, but whatever. What Hailey really wants to do is explain why she described marriage as a challenge. “I said that when there were a lot of new things.”

Hailey is very young to understand why aspects of marriage came as a shock to her.

“I had never lived with someone before. I never had to cohabit with somebody in that way so I was learning how to share my space with someone for the first time. We were trying to bend in each other’s direction and learn what was comfortable.”

So what is the biggest lesson that she has learned from her marriage so far?

“Compromise. If you don’t want to compromise, you can’t be in a relationship.”

She points out, “Nobody from the outside really knows what’s going on between us.”

“I had hundreds of thousands of comments bombarding me with ‘You’ll be divorced.’”

She says, “You can’t help but wonder but the only two people in a relationship are the two people in it.”

Tweeting or commenting it at Hailey, however, she’s not going to listen to you, no matter how well-intentioned you are.

Please be nice. Let her ride this train as far as it will take her.