Hamza Firdous says he’ll work anywhere but not in Pakistan!

Actor Hamza Firdous announced on Wednesday night that he will no longer be working in Pakistan.

In a status posted on his Facebook profile and shared on his public page, Firdous said Malal E YaarBin Badal Barsat and Janbaaz will be his last performances in Pakistan.

“I’ll be working internationally, but not here [in Pakistan],” Firdous told Images, adding that he’s signed an Irish project for which he’ll be heading to Dublin.

The actor also announced that he’ll be releasing a video shortly to discuss his decision in more detail.

Earlier this week, Firdous’ father, veteran actor Firdous Jamal, criticized the current crop of screen actors, saying, “There is no best performer [in Pakistan]. They are all models, showpieces. They don’t know that acting is something else. It’s like a dummy at a store which people dress up for display.”

Jamal has been heavily criticized for recent comments which seem to target actors, including Mahira Khan and Imran Ashraf.