Here’s what PM Imran Khan advises Pakistani youth

Taking to Twitter, PM Imran Khan shares an excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt’s historic speech “Citizenship in the Republic” which was delivered in 1910, at the University of Paris.

Our Prime Minister advises the youth not to fear failure or criticism if you want to achieve anything in life. In other words, the key to success is failure.

The quote of former American president Theodore Roosevelt, in simple words, means that it is not about the critics, and not about the people who find flaws in you, but something more.

It is infact, about the willingness of an individual to achieve new heights, while facing the ups and downs. It is about those valiant people who do not fear defeat and humiliation and remain focused on their passion and purpose.

There are people around, even our loved ones, whom we think are our well-wishers, look upon us with disdain and try to let us down. Their criticism might affect you. But ones who dare greatly, do not let such judgements halt them from seeking excellence.

Moreover, greatness is something, not all can achieve unless they work diligently and tenaciously towards their dreams and aims. To put it differently, WE are the builders of our fortunes, success comes when we rely upon ourselves when we work hard to scale new heights.

Remember, a daring hero never steps back but keep on struggling and moving forward even when things appear grim.

To sum up!

There are critics around all of us, passing their unwanted opinions, but be a champion and show commitment to progress and achievement. Ultimately, all the hard work, sweat and blood will pay off.