How to Grow Your Interest in Reading

There is a reason why books are called man’s best friend. Because firstly, Books teach us a lot, about life and world, art and places, about human nature. Books give us motivation to do deeds in life. They are a gift to this world. Books do not judge us. A book will never leave you alone, always remember that. Books always inspire us. Certainly, they help us become a better version of ourselves.

Reading can help you live the lives of the past. When you read, you can feel the love, pain, happiness of the characters. You go to places that you have never visited. Books can be extraordinary.

Here are ways to increase your Reading interest

1. Pick a Category

Try and talk to someone who reads. Ask them what kind of books they like to read and build a knowledge of different genre of books. Pick a genre of your Interest. There is Fiction, Historical Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Non-fiction, Sci-fi, Non fiction, Poetry. So when you pick a genre of your Interest, start reading.

2. Go easy and Start small

Start with light read. If you are having a trouble reading a big book which relates to your favorite genre, so do not stop. But read light books. Begin with humorous short stories, Read autobiographies and see if they are building your Interest. And once you get into the habit of reading then try to read big books. If you have not read heavy books before and then you are starting with such books then you are gonna lose interest. So try to read light books first.

3. Tell People What You are Reading

If you let people know about your reading, then there is a chance that you will continue it. And if your friends are readers, they will take interest. It is such a great feeling to tell your friends about book you are reading and they take interest. And it can inspire your friends to read as well.

4. Start Writing

Write about your favorite books, favorite parts about them. What you have liked about the characters and which part you think could have been better in another way. Write your reviews. It can help you to stay on track. When you write about things, it start to make more sense. You can also write about your reading list, the books you have read and your TBR (to be read) list as well. This way you will not get confused about which book to pick. Highlight your favorite quotes from the books and write it in your notebook. You will not believe how relatable quotes can be.

5. Take out some time to Read

Sometimes as it can happen, that You are busy and you barely have any time to read. But try to make a routine and take out some time to read. One thing, it will help you calm down. Read before going to bed, it can help reduce stress of the whole day. It helps you to escape from reality for a little while. It can also lessen the time in which we use our phones before going to bed. Using our phones before bed can increase anxiety whereas reading a book can make it go away.

6. Bring your Book along, wherever you go

This habit is actually very helpful. Start to bring your book everywhere. You can read your book in a cab while you are going to office or college. If you have free time in between your classes or in office, anywhere. Sit back and read. It will help you to relax, it will refresh your mind and keeps you motivated.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, The man who never reads lives only one.

– George R.R. Martin