Imagine your life, when Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat disappear

Ever thought of having more than 500 friends on Facebook, but, in reality, you are roaming around with less than 5 of your friends?This is what we called “Illusion of Reality”

You’ll learn that nobody cares about what are you wearing, your check-ins, lunch meal or how you’re spending your weekend; it is a bitter truth. They don’t care about your personal details, it is you who just give them access to see your personal lifestyle.

  • There will be no pressure to be larger than life, neither you won’t be living in someone else’s life nor be idolizing someone’s lifestyle, that means you will be learning being yourself.
  • Your private life won’t be any open book to anyone.
  • You will only share your stuff with the people who actually care and think for you.

There was the time when no social media platforms were present as a tool to connect with friends. Then how people used to live and how will you live?

  • Here’s an idea. Calling, texting, talking in person with the people you care about would make you feel more relaxed and this would mean to them much more than just hitting a like button.
  • The ones who aren’t aware of your personal life or physically and mentally connected aren’t worth interacting with. It is exhausting to be in meaningless interaction with several people.

You won’t be faking the happy moments.

  • It has now become human psyche of smiling even he doesn’t want to. Such people are the ones who observe the content lifestyle of others and pretend themselves to be happy in comparison.
  • You become lonely, you are depressed but you don’t have anyone to share what will you do? share some heart-breaking quotes or if not, post a picture of a fake smile to show you are not less than others, healthy and happy.

You won’t be needing these platforms to express your thoughts and emotions

  • When there was an absence of social media, people were still able to share and express their thoughts and emotions, yes? Why can’t you?
  • Instead of treating your profile as your public diary, find more creative ways to let off your sorrows and depression. Make short films, start blogging, get poetic, draw, paint or compose a music: find what is best in you and enlighten your closed ones with your thoughts.

You’ll be free from stalking random profiles, scrolling, clicking on something completely different.