Infant ‘Nishwa’ looses her life after fighting brain injury for 16 days!

Nine-month-old Nishwa, who had suffered irreparable brain damage and became paralysed after she was administered a drug wrongly by nursing staff of Darul Sehat Hospital, Karachi.

Nishwa was being treated at another private hospital on Karachi’s Stadium Road after her father said she suffered brain damage owing to staff negligence.

Nishwa became paralysed due to wrong medical treatment at the hospital on April 14 when an overdose of potassium chloride had affected her brain severely, leaving her nearly brain-dead.

A two-member body was also formed to probe the case of doctors’ neglect.

The whole nation stand with Nishwa’s family and send condolences and prayers for the family and for the deceased child of their family who was born 16 days ago and after strongly fighting brain injury sadly lost her life today.

This is an example of many incident which have occurred in the past, and this definitely should be the last one!

It is observed that number of patients loosing their lives due to medical negligence is rapidly increasing.

The responsible authorities and the government should wake up and take strict precautionary measures and actions against the people who are behind this. And proper infrastructure and professionally skilled employees should be allocated in the medical facilities who can take good care of the patients.