Intentional snowboarding competition held in Malam Jabba

Participants from Netherlands, Afghanistan and Pakistan are all geared up in Mallam Jabba to compete for the International Snowboarding Cup, 2020.

Hosted at an astounding altitude, the northern valley is currently debuting one of the most exciting winter games of the season over the course of one week, from the 16-22 February.

“Vaadiyan buhot khoobsurat hain,” exclaims the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, as he makes his way down the snowy slopes, stoked to lead his team.

Men and women slayed on the slopes in the quest to compete; currently, team Afghanistan has won one silver and four bronze medals, and we can’t wait to see what is bagged next.

According to the Tourism Corporation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the participants will be rewarded upto 100K+ cash prizes apart from the usual Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

We’re thrilled to have tourism thriving in our country and hope more locals participate in new adventures in the upcoming years.