These international vloggers truly showed the beauty of Pakistan

Just a couple of years ago, individuals would wake up to sounds of blazing gunfire, riots on the streets or news of a bomb blast, all of which would create havoc in the community. Living in political and economic dismay with no signs of prosperity, our country’s image was shattered. However, the stance on ‘Naya Pakistan” by Prime Minister Imran Khan has made a profound impact on the decrease in crime rates in Pakistan.

From 2018, there has been a shift in the rise of tourism in Pakistan due to Imran Khan’s vision for tourism. By introducing tourism-friendly policies, the scenic sites, mouth-watering foods, and hospitable people, individuals want to experience our culture and perceive it in a more positive light.

Food brings people together, a statement that continues to prove itself. With new policies and a brighter vision, individuals have made the journey to experience what we have to offer. Every region proposes its traditional foods coupled with breathtaking scenery and climates. With an array of different foods, vloggers on Youtube such as Mark Weins from Thailand, Trevor James who goes by ‘thefoodranger’ from Sichuan China and Eva Zubeck who travels the worlds less visited places have begun showing Pakistan from a perspective other than it being the most dangerous place.

Instead, each vlogger went through all regions, experienced our culture and traditions and embraced what Pakistan presented for them. Through their videos, they exhibited themselves eating scrumptious street and local foods such as nihari, fiery biryani, and mouthwatering curries, while also presenting the natural beauty bestowed in our Northern Areas along with bustling cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Pakistan has always been represented in a pessimistic way and the image of the people and country have been shattered and affected for so long. With foreign faces appearing we only hope for our country to prosper and for people to open up and see the true beauty of Pakistan and its people.