The Invention Of Sound Jacket Is A New Hope For Deaf People! Find Out Here.

These Twin sisters Hermon and Heroda Berhane have an immense craze for dancing but unfortunately can’t hear the music because they’re both deaf, so the invention of a jacket with sensors that enables them to feel the different sounds has transformed their nights out in London clubs.

The jacket goes by the name of “Sound Shirt”, designed and created by London-based fashion company Cute Circuit, has 16 different sensors embedded in its fabric, so the person can feel violins on their arms, for example, while drums beat on their backs.

Reuters reported that the twins, who lost their hearing at a young age, say modeling the shirts has given them a brand new experience.

Co-founder and chief creative officer of CuteCircuit, Francesca Rosella, which designs fashion wearable technology, stated that the shirts allowed deaf people to feel the music through sensations.

Furthermore, she added that “Inside the shirt that, by the way, is completely textiles, there are no wires inside, so we’re only using smart fabrics – we have a combination of microelectronics very thin and flexible, and conductive fabrics.”

These Sound Shirts don’t come cheap, as they are expected to go on sale at more than 3,000 pounds, but the company believes it’s a price worth paying for deaf people who enjoy music as much as she and her sister do.