Junoon’s ‘Khudi’ takes us back down memory lane with Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon

It’s finally happened. After a 13 year hiatus, Junoon, Pakistan’s most famous rock band and the pioneers of Sufi rock, has made the comeback of the century with its much-loved song, “Khudi”. This reunion of a lifetime has been made possible only through the efforts of Pakistan’s leading biscuit brand, Sooper.

Peek Freans Sooper, the market leader in the country’s biscuit industry and a household name in Pakistan, has been making waves with its various influential and impacting initiatives. Be it the “Sooper Hai Azaadi” campaign back in 2016, or the Guinness World Record for “The Largest Cookie Mosaic” in 2017, Sooper Pakistan has devoted all its efforts towards the promotion of a positive image of the country. This year, Sooper decided to take things to the next level; with Junoon’s groundbreaking reunion, Peek Freaks Sooper has pledged to go where no other brand has gone and give Pakistanis an experience they will never forget.

The objective of the campaign is to inculcate pride and patriotism as well as foster unity within a nation that is struggling to maintain its place on the world stage. Pakistanis are best known for their passion or ‘junoon’, and this is what the brand aims to portray through “Khudi.” The uplifting verses of Allama Iqbal paired with loud guitar riffs and amazing beats not only ignite the spark of ambition and love for one’s country, but also take its listeners on an inspiring journey towards self-realization.

By reuniting the trio, Peek Freans Sooper’s goal is to encourage people to rise up together and help create a society that is built upon the foundations of peace and harmony. By putting our differences aside, we can bring about change at all levels. The verses “Tu Shaheen hai, basera kar, pahaaro ki chataano par” not only compels its listeners to mold themselves into proactive individuals, but also pave their way towards success using their own strengths.

Pakistanis have already utilized their ability to make a change through the power of their vote in the recent national elections. With the promise of a much brighter future’, it is almost poetic for Junoon to unite once more and relaunch “Khudi” as a way of inspiring Pakistanis to make their mark and create a beautiful, thriving and successful Pakistan. The song focuses on bringing the nation together, while the video celebrates the finest talent that Pakistan has to offer.

So far, the reunion has sparked a nationwide conversation as people just cannot seem to get enough of both the song and Junoon. All over social media, people have expressed their gratitude to Peek Freans Sooper for bringing back one of the most iconic bands of the Pakistani music scene.

Out of all the previous campaigns, Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon has definitely proven to be one of the brand’s best initiatives and will be remembered as a pivotal point in the creation of a united and passionate Pakistan. Fans are now itching for newer and more exciting beats to be produced by the now reunited band.