Kajol expresses her views on Me Too Movement

Back in 2017, #MeToo as a hashtag spread internationally that signified sexual harassment at workplace and lots of women came out in the open including some Hollywood biggies. Now, in Bollywood, actress Tanushree Dutta opened up about her ordeal on the sets of 2008 film, Horn Ok Please after 10 years of living with it.

A lot of women in different work fields have opened up about their harassment at the workplace. Post this a lot of Bollywood actors are speaking in support of the start of Me Too movement. Recently, Kajol spoke up on the start of Me too movement in India.

She said, “The laughter dies out when you bring up the subject of #MeToo revelations that are shaking up our world on a daily basis. It’s good that women are finally talking and publicly pulling up some people. It’s not going to take away the pain and shame they faced in the past. But by speaking up, they can try and ensure that this doesn’t happen to others in the future. Younger people, and I’m not being gender specific here, will know where to draw the line. They will know when to stand up and say, ‘So far but no further.”

She expressed that women coming forward now will help a lot of women in the future and it will ensure that such incidents don’t happen in the future. Apart from Kajol, a lot of other actors from Bollywood have spoken up openly on the start of Me Too movement in India.

On the work front, Kajol is busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Helicopter Eela. The movie is slated to release this month.