Karachi becomes pathetic after animal sacrifices.

Karachi is already suffering a lot due to heavy rainfalls, but after the first day of Eid-ul-Azha and the sacrifices of animals, the condition of the city worsens even more. With the booming population, Karachi has already so many issues to worry about, with hygiene being one of them. There’s especially no focus on cleanliness and you’ll get to see lumps of garbage dumped in every corner of the city.

On the account of Eid-ul-Azha, the Government could have planned something in advance. It should have allotted free grounds for the cattle markets, where people could keep their animals safely. It should have planned the places where the waste will be dumped after the slaughtering of animals. But as usual, this time also, we witnessed the lack of Government’s interest in improving the prevailing unhygienic condition in Karachi.

After the sacrifices done yesterday, the streets became red with the blood. I witnessed intestines and other organs of animals thrown away on the residential streets by people and even by sweepers; since they have no other place to take them to. And God knows who will pick that waste from there.

The blood of the slaughtered animals flowing on the streets and the remains of animals covered with flies and insects have left a very bad impact on the young generation. The condition of the biggest city is miserable and thus, disappointing for people.

These left-overs become food for rats, cats, and dogs which increases the risk of other harmful viral and bacterial infections. What our Government really need to work on for Eid-ul-Azha is the establishment of abattoirs far away from the residential areas. These slaughter-houses are really important for maintaining a hygienic surrounding at least on a special occasion like Eid.

It is hence, the responsibility of the Government of Sindh to take preventive measures to protect the environment and provide a clean and healthy surrounding to the people.