‘Laal Kabootar’ makes its way to be selected for Oscars 2019!

The Pakistan film industry’s new entry Laal Kabootar starring, Mansha Pasha, Ahmed Ali Akbar, and Ali Kazmi makes its way to be selected for Oscars 2019.

This was really something like a greater achievement to be proud of as said by the makers of the film. This year it is going to be the 92nd Academy Oscars’ Awards and Kamal Khan’s newly made film is going to be Pakistan’s submission in Oscars.

The makers of the film took to social media to share the news. “Something for us all to be proud of as a team. All the sweat and hard work were worth it.”

The movie was themed as a Karachi-based crime thriller and action which was an action-packed entertainment that had never been pulled off in Pakistan yet. This masterpiece was released this year in March and has smoothly made its way to the peaks and then the much-awaited, Oscars!

We wish them the best of luck and we hope for the best to happen!