Maryam Mujtaba PIA’s first Kashmiri female pilot has a passion of flying high

Maryam Mujtaba has become the national carrier’s first female pilot from Kashmir. The young pilot remarked that her dreams have come true. Pakistan International Airlines made the announcement on Twitter.

In a recent video interview, Maryam Mujtaba, said that being a pilot is her dream job, adding, “From a young age I always wanted to do this.”

She went on to say: “Once my parents knew that I wanted to become a pilot, they encouraged me and sent me to flying school.”

Maryam added that once she completed her CPL course, she saw a job opening at PIA. “I sat for the test and got the job and have been working for them ever since.”

She said that she had been dreaming of this since she was a little baby.

Talking about her parents, she said that they always knew about her dream. However, no words were exchanged over the subject. When she showed them her will, her father took her to a flying school and she joined right away.

“I was so lucky that the day I got my Commercial Pilot License (CPL), there was an advertisement going on by PIA. I applied, appeared in the admissions exam, and got my name on the list,” she said.

Maryam shared an experience, when she was pilot on an ATR bound for Bahawalpur, a female passenger was concerned that she was in control of the plane.

However, once she successfully landed the plane to its destination, the passenger came up to her and took photos with her and showered her with blessings.