Mithi, An Epitome of Tolerance & Bond Between Muslim & Hindu…


Mithi is one of those few towns in Pakistan where Muslims do not form a majority. 95% of Pakistani population is Muslim the remaining 5% come under minority. In Mithi 60% of its population is dominated by Hindus.

I remember in the second year of my university, I took a course in which I became friend with a person named, Bhavesh. He was from Mithi and came to Karachi for further studies. I always asked him questions regarding his town, how the culture was different over there and how there is so much love and tolerance among the people. It amazes me to hear stories of the people and the brotherhood values they have for each other.

People in Mithi say, they see each other as brothers and there is no discrimination over religion. In Karachi, numerous Hindu temples are guarded because of the extremist groups but in Mithi, the temples are open for everyone and there is no fear of being attacked.

On Diwali, Muslims send gifts to Hindus and indulge with them and celebrate. Similarly, Hindus send sweets on the occasion of Eid and have meals with them.  People of Mithi believe that Islam does not promote hatred for non-Muslims. The sacrifice of a cow in the town is also not practiced because the Muslims of the town don’t want to hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

The town of Mithi teaches us to be tolerant of each other and how to be kind, in times where hatred can be spread easily.