Mosque Massacre Hero “Naeem Rashid”

The Muslim man in the video who heroically sacrificed himself to stop the terrorist has been identified as Naeem Rashid from Abottabad, Pakistan. His son Talha Naeem was also killed in the attack.

Naeem Rashif tried to safe the people who were praying inside the mosque by trying to stop the terrorist from entering the mosque. Naeem Rashid was a teacher by profession.

According to the reports, 5 Pakistani citizens have been injured, 4 are missing and 2 are reportedly dead in this horrific incident which took place yesterday in ChristChurch Mosque in NewZealand.

Picture of the maniac terrorist can be seen below:

There have been several reservations by the Islamic countries since the press conference of New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern

After the incident, in the evening the crowd gathered in the Christchurch mosque for “Maghrib prayer” as it can be seen in the picture below and a video of Azaan:


Is it a Chain?

As it can be seen in the picture of the past horrific incidents happened under the name of Islamophobia, it shows a direct link with the terrorist of NZ Mosque incident weapons