Nadia Jamil was offered a role opposite Shah Rukh Khan, here’s why she turned it down

Nadia Jamil is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, a very influential person in the revival of contemporary theatre in Pakistan. Nadia has won the hearts of many with her stellar performances in dramas such as Raat Chali Hai Jhoom Ke, Meri Jaan and her blockbuster telefilm Behadd opposite Fawad Khan.

Recently, the actress had a candid interview with Samina Peerzada where she unveiled some interesting details about her career.

Turns out the legendary Yash Chopra, director of classics, offered Nadia Jamil, Rani Mukherji’s role in the film Veer Zaara. The film was originally planned with Shah Rukh, Aishwarya Rai and Nadia Jamil as the lead trio.

Nadia turned down this opportunity as she was pregnant with her first child Raaqay at that time. She chose to prioritize motherhood which is truly commendable and very brave of her. Yash Chopra and Nadia also met very often to discuss the film and the possibilities of Nadia venturing into the project.

Nadia says that she still stands by her decision of refusing the film despite the role being very central and strong in the narrative. The role was that of a Pakistani lawyer who helps the protagonist with his case.

Watch the full interview below: