Office style mistakes men keep making

The revolution against the dress code has unyoked us from style servitude but, with right and wrong now less clearly distinguished, it’s easier to take a sartorial stumble. Can you wear trainers but still look like you mean business? Is there any way to wear jeans at your desk without looking like an off-duty dad? Yes, and indeed yes. Just follow our map through the minefield.


The Mistake: Gym Bags & Suits.

You’ve binned the briefcase for a backpack as a more modern way to cart your kit to work, but know your limits. If what’s slung over your shoulder is riddled with velcro and pockets, save it for hiking.


The Mistake: Misunderstanding Athleisure.

Gone are the days when black Oxfords were the only option, but that doesn’t mean you can wear your running shoes to work. If they’re neon, or have seen the inside of a gym, they’re out.


The Mistake: Disrespecting Your Suit.

What to do with that lounge suit you no longer need to wear every day? Dress it down by splitting the jacket from the trousers, of course. Fine, until a laissez-faire approach to tailoring renders it unwearable when you do actually have to dress up.


The Mistake: Poor Shoes.

There’s an old saying that women judge a man by what’s on his feet before anything else. Which isn’t exactly true, men do it too. Whether they’re scuffed, in dire need of a polish, or just square-toed monstrosities, lax lace-ups just won’t do.