Paan Spit: An issue understated in Karachi

When you hear the word ‘Karachi’ your brain shapes images of food, diversity and culture, but one of the most significant picture that defines the beauty of this land is Paan, yes! you absolutely read it right.

You might see mostly on every walls and streets there are artistic diagrams which are drawn not through the color or paints, but from spitting Paan by our some respected citizens.

I as a native of Karachi always feel distressful to see this city battling with such toxic activities which emerge pollution. Like every citizen, i am also responsible to identify the problems that are affecting health issues.

Yes, spitting of Paan is yet another life-threatening matter which some people of Karachi feel no fear in doing so. This is becoming central problem for the residents and therefore, government and social welfare institutes should consider this and come up with the solutions to resolve it.

This city has always been the victim of this issue since very long time, almost every wall of it is covered with paan and gutka spits, which is becoming a major reason for spreading various kinds of diseases among natives, one of among them is mouth oral cancer, this is the most dangerous case our Dental surgeons dealing almost every day.

In western countries like United Kingdom, spitting paan is expensive as you are ordered to pay a penalty of handsome amount.

The reason why such countries are far ahead of us in almost every aspect is because of their strong rules and policies where everyone has to obey, if not then you suffer.